David Archilla and Covadonga Martínez-Peñalver have taught Architectural Design in different universities such as ETSAM, CEU, Architectural Association (London), PARQ (EUVG Coimbra), UPSAM, UAX, ESAyT (UCJC), have been invited to juries, lectures and seminars at Berkeley (San Francisco), FARQ (Montevideo), FADU (Buenos Aires), Universidad Católica (Santiago de Chile),  ESALA (Edinburg), TU (Delft), Zulia (Maracaibo), Politécnico di Milano, Syracuse University (Florence), University of Alicante, Alcalá University, UFV, UEM, and others. They have built more than 15 projects, got more than 15 prizes in competitions, exhibit their work in Madrid, Barcelona, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Brussels, London, Ibiza. Zaragoza, Vitoria, Segovia, and León. Since 1998 are part of the UHF magazine edition team and have been curators of different lecture series.